Buying some good wine in Motovun

We decided to go all the way to Motovun to buy some good local wine. This region in Istria is known for its many vineyards. So, finding a good wine in Motovun shouldn’t be a problem? Wrong. You know when something gets too much touristic exposure – quality tends to drop? So it is always good to have some insider information regarding where to buy, and most important – from whom. It seems that lately you can’t even trust tips from sites such as TripAdvisor. I’ll give you just one interesting example of a guy who succeeded to make his garden shed a top 1 restaurant in London, although the restaurant didn’t even exist. Check the video here: How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant

(Olympus digital camera)

Motovun, Istria (Olympus digital camera)

It is a shame that I didn’t film the journey till there because we had to go through some really interesting roads, to say the least. But when I think about it, maybe it is even a good thing to keep the location to myself. 😛 Sorry for being selfish here but if I don’t tell there will be more wine for me there next time. 😀

We noticed some really cool guardian of the wine cellar lurking at us from the wall, blast from the past. Do you know who it is?

In the wine cellar

I had the chance to pet this cute doggy and the owner didn’t mind. I think he was all for the idea of me taking him with me, because when I said I could just steal him this was his reaction.


On the way back we stopped on this awesome viewpoint to drink some Cola Zero (I know right – who in the hell drinks that? – but it was so long from the last time I’ve tried it so it was actually quite refreshing to drink this detergent 😀 ). After that we were eager to get home to finally try the wine properly.

If you haven’t visited this beautiful picturesque town of Motovun, you definitely should. It is famous as a location with most truffles in Istria. So, wine in Motovun and dine in Motovun, you won’t regret it.

Motovun, Istria, Croatia

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