Beautiful memories from Plješevica at 1645 m

This story will actually be featured in two articles because I have so many great memories from that trip that it really deserves more attention. That day the four of us went on top of the mountain Plješevica. And inside the mountain as well. You ask how? It will all be clear to you in the second article.


exploring plješevica mountain


Plješevica is a 1645 m high mountain top in Croatia. Well, actually the mountain is now on the border of two republics of former Yugoslavia – Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) so half of the territory belongs to BiH and half to Croatia. Before the tragic war in the 90s there was a military base on the top, with big radar. In the video below you can see the big concrete circle where the radar was placed. Majority of the base was under the ground which was a great experience for us to investigate.



The calmness you feel at this place is breathtaking, as well as the view. If your journeys will ever bring you here (first remember to call me to go as well! 😀 ) keep in mind that a great majority of the ground around the base is still full of mines left from the war. Make sure to stay on the path and don’t go wandering around into the woods! Also, before climbing the mountain you have to go to the border control (Cro-BiH) to announce your climb because half of the mountain is in Croatia and half in Bosnia, and there is also the mine issue which they will warn you about. Mind the risk and explore responsibly! ⛰️

This is just a short video made from clips I was able to find on my computer. Unfortunately a lot of it was somehow lost. Too bad because there were more videos of our little exploration underground. Let’s pray I will find them! 😀


exploring plješevica mountain in croatioaexploring plješevica mountain in croatioa


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