Yamaha MT-07 and MT-125 riding along Istria

I have always been loyal to Yamaha motorcycles. I just find them really reliable, I love the design and the fact that they give me exactly what I need from a ride. I am totally in love with Yamaha MT-125 that uses barely 2l on 100 km, it is very light and still reaches high speeds fast.

Here is a little sneak peak of what happened last weekend – two great Yamaha motorcycles cruising along Istria. 😀

Check how Yamaha MT-125 reacts to the off-road driving in my other article (+video).

It is a very dear experience for me so I am sharing a couple of videos from the trip. Feel free to follow my account on YouTube for more videos like this one, as well as videos from other adventure trips.


Yamahas involved in this adventure were: Yamaha MT-125 and Yamaha MT-07.



Feel free to browse through other videos on my YouTube channel.

Ride safely!

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