Top 3 breathtaking places to visit by motorcycle in Medulin Riviera

Medulin Riviera


Here are my top 3 suggestions for beautiful places to visit by motorcycle in the Medulin Riviera. I have visited all of them and recorded some material so you can get a little sneak peek into it. 🙂


1. Camp Medulin

Camp Medulin is a touristic camp located at the very peek of a beautiful coastal town Medulin. Normally, during the summer, if you wish to enter by car you would have to pay for a daily ticket but there was no problem for me to enter on a motorcycle for free. But take into consideration that when I entered it was already the end of the season.

Camp Medulin has the biggest sand beach in Istria called Bijeca. This sandy bay is a haven for windsurfers and kiteboarders who regularly come here from all over Europe. The sea is very shallow, which makes it easy to get back on the board when falling down. After stopping to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a bay full of surfers you go further along the coast to the very end where there is a small peninsula. There you will enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and great fresh air. I recommend coming early in the morning when the light is perfect and the sky offers a view all the way to the other part of Croatia — Dalmatia, where you can see mountain Velebit.


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2. Cape Marlera

Cape Marlera is located near the small village of Ližnjan, which is just near the town of Medulin. If you would like to swim a bit far from the crowd, this is just the place for you. On Cape Marlera you can find some really beautiful wild beaches. Not many people go there since you have to arrive there on a macadam road. Usually people don’t want to have their cars all white afterwards, but since you are an adventurous motorcyclist that is not a problem for you, just contrary, you will take the most of that off road riding and enjoy in the perfect escape from the civilization. 🙂



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3. Cape Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak is a nature park, and usually a favorite spot to go to the beach among tourists. I put it in third place exactly because so many people go there during the summer and in the end you really don’t get to feel that touch of wildness. But still I definitely recommend that you go and check it out because it has so many different beautiful bays that you can explore by motorcycle. It offers beautiful scenery and it is great for photo shooting. If you go in September or October you won’t come accross so many tourists. At the end there is a really cool outdoors Safari bar that you will definitely enjoy.


medulin, riviera, kamenjak

Kamenjak, premantura


For beautiful photos of Medulin Riviera visit official Instagram account: @enjoymedulin (click on the picture below!)

Medulin Riviera


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