Stunt Show – wonderful acrobatic madness on motorcycles

Have you ever had a chance to see a live stunt show? If you didn’t I certainly recommend it. This is a special form of acrobatics on the motorcycle. It is in the same time very impressive, but also very dangerous. All that contributes to the whole WOW effect that will lasts long after you watch the show. I’m very lucky for having the privilege to know three wonderful enthusiasts who are professionals in this extreme discipline. They are: Dejan Špoljar, master behind the whole story, his wonderful wife Mateja Špoljar and little sweety Ines Stanić, a great lover of motorcycles and adrenaline. You will be hearing a lot more about her, trust me. Here is just a short clip that I filmed during the celebration of the Police Day held at lake Jarun in Zagreb. There is actually no lake in the video, it was on the other side, but this is much more interesting to watch anyways. Enjoy this sneak peak into the stunt craziness. 🙂



As a lover of motorcycles I go to watch their performances whenever I can and every time I have the opportunity to witness some new tricks. These people train every single day. Enjoy in this small dosage of wonderful madness. <3

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